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7-Data Recovery Suite 3.6

Flexible tool to undelete and recover deleted or damaged files and partitions
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Regardless of the multiple factors that may lead to data loss, 7-Data Recovery Suite offers you a comprehensive solution to retrieve any deleted, formatted, or otherwise lost files and partitions in a stress-free and straightforward way. Its wizard-like approach makes it suitable for all types of users, and its support for all kinds of internal and external drives guarantees that anyone can benefit from its recovery skills.

These have been divided into four categories – complete, deleted, digital media, and lost partition recovery. Though some may find these subdivisions somehow redundant, it actually helps you to save time when locating and bringing back to life those special files that you thought lost forever. The Complete Recovery option scans your entire disks looking for files that were once there, listing them all to you so together with their original path and their size. You can search for specific files if you happen to remember their name, and preview those you’re not too sure of. Once you’ve made your choice, the program will try to recover as many files as possible, subject to the current state of the lost file – the more recent the deletion, the higher the probability that the deleted file can be restored.

For purposely (or accidentally) deleted files, it is advisable that you use the Deleted Recovery option. This feature narrows the search to those files you sent to the trash basket, thus speeding up the scan process. Similarly, if they are media files that you are looking for (lost pictures on a camera, video and audio files on a USB drive, etc.), the program offers you Digital Media Recovery. Again, by restricting the search to audio, video, and image files, you will not only speed up the overall scan time, but you will also save time in browsing for the file or files you are looking for as the list of recoverable files will only contain those that fit your preferences. Still, you can always make use of the program’s search engine to locate a specific file or sort the results by file type, size, or modification time.

The last two recovery utilities follow the same principles. The Lost Partition Recovery option will identify and restore any deleted or formatted partition in any of your drives, while Android Recovery will connect to your Android smartphone and will look for the lost or deleted files that you want to recover.

7-Data Recovery Suite comes with all the features you need to locate and recover your lost data. The program’s wizard-like approach, together with its efficient recovery algorithms, make it the right tool for home users and professionals needing to recover all their lost data in a fast and stress-free way.

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  • Well-structured and clear interface
  • Customizable recovery processes
  • Works with all kinds of drives, internal and external
  • Specific process to recover media files


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